API Release v1.67.0

Earlier this month we announced new APIs that it will make it easier to settle with DriveWealth. We called this One Settlement. So no matter your funding method "One" settlement to rule them all.

Please be reminded that effective May 28, 2024 as per Securities & Exchange Commission; the industry is moving to a Trade Day + 1 (T+1). To learn more about T+1 settlement, please see here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your assigned relations manager or contact us directly at [email protected].

We noticed that a few events from our documentation were missing specifically, reconciliations.created and reconciliations.updated . Take a look!

✨💃🏻 Prime TimePROD

🚀 New features

We introduced a new way for partners to listen to account.exclusions.created events to notify them of accounts that we not included in the reconciliation report.

🎉 Feature enhancements

We are always improving the platform, but no new feature enhancements are happening this during this release.

👠🐛 Squashing bugs

We are always squashing bugs, but nothing significant during this release that should be called out.

🪵 ChangeLog

Nothing to report here.