API Release v1.67.2

Hey, we are back with another release but this is a minor change. We are always improving the platform and if you have any questions regarding any release, feel free to contact your relations manager or email us directly at [email protected].

We have now improved our developer experience by offering up when APIs are in a BETA phase but are available in production. At any point you notice the BETA label, please note that this endpoint may or maynot be available. Checkout our Account Lots that highlights this.

✨💃🏻 Prime TimePROD

🚀 New features

We add a new field cashPendingSettlement to Account summary endpoint. cashPendingSettlement is the amount of unsettled cash not included in cash available to trade.

🎉 Feature enhancements

We are always improving the platform, but no new feature enhancements are happening this during this release.

👠🐛 Squashing bugs

We are always squashing bugs, but nothing significant during this release that should be called out.

🪵 ChangeLog

Nothing to report here.