Create Funds For Portfolios

Task - Create Funds (Used to build Portfolios)

To create Funds via API you can use the following APIs:

Although the API option is available we recommend using DriveHub for ease of selection and visible confirmation of selection:

Critical Items

  • Identify The 3 tabs within DriveHub used to create AutoPilot Portfolios
  • Funds are essentially collections of Securities
  • The primary tools for funds are:
  • Rebalancing Parameters and Construction

After logging in to DriveHub you will see 3 tabs in the right corner of the screen, you will select the "Fund" tab and begin selecting parameters for the Fund

  • Maximum Drift is the aggregate percentage of the fund, if it moves past this set percentage at the next rebalancing the fund will move to the target

  • Holding Drift is the percentage of individual holdings and their rebalancing parameters relative to the target percentage. You may carry an unlimited number of funds in a Portfolio, but as you reach higher numbers (100+) the drift parameters and target weights for the individual securities may become challenging because of narrow parameters potentially leading to a higher turnover rate


Funds may be edited by selecting the "Edit" button in the top right corner of the screen. You may add securities or adjust weights