Non Wallet Partner


This Prefunded model does not support a "digital wallet". The Partner however, still needs to create a books & records system that calculates buying power. Since the cash sits at DriveDigital in an omnibus account, the Partner will need to account for buys/sells. Although the Partner is not technically holding the cash, they are ledgering it through DriveDigital.

The Partner's omnibus account can be rebalanced daily based on the API call for "reconciliation amount". Alternatively, the omnibus balance can also be left to float so long as minimum levels are maintained.

If the Partner has access to buying power across asset types, they can facilitate shared buying power via cash movements. Otherwise, buying power for Digital Assets is isolated from other assets.

How it works

The deposits for the Partner's prefunded account are aggregated by a third party banking service and wired to DriveDigital as needed. The Partner will need to determine the allocation of these funds to update customer buying power. Withdrawals from omnibus account are aggregated by the Partner and then relayed to DriveDigital.

DriveDigital will need wiring instructions for the banking service to wire appropriate funds back to them. It is up to the Partner to work with their banking service to allocate/disperse funds accordingly.