While the sandbox environment is available to anyone to use to test our APIs, DriveWealth may or may not support a production environment in your jurisdiction. Please review our UAT Terms and Conditions for further details.

If you are interested in learning more about moving to production and whether we can support your jurisdiction, please get in touch.

DriveWealth offers access to a sandbox environment, sandbox keys, and developer console (DriveHub), designed to allow you to begin building your first prototype, test your first test trade in minutes, and add team members to DriveHub to collaborate and support as you build.

You can get a DriveHub login and access to the sandbox environment by signing up here.

Once you have access to your sandbox keys, you will be able to generate your authentication token which will allow you to test our API endpoints in a tool such as Postman, in a terminal, or any developer tool of your choice. Ultimately, you will be able to build a simple prototype and make your first test trade.

Note that not all of the functionality DriveWealth offers is testable in the sandbox environment. Please keep this in mind when testing our endpoints using your sandbox keys. For example, the following functionality is not currently testable in sandbox:

  1. Events: To test events, you will need to be subscribed to our Amazon SQS queue, which is not done automatically when your sandbox account is created. If you are interested in moving forward with integrating with DriveWealth and want to test our Events functionality, please contact our sales team..
  2. Brokerage statement APIs
  3. Account Metrics APIs
  4. Transaction Data APIs
  5. Fully Paid for Securities Lending
  6. Know Your Customer: To make initial testing easier, test users created in the sandbox do not go through a KYC process; they are automatically approved.