Account Approval (KYC/AML)


For improved timing and transparency, DriveWealth offers API endpoints and Events that enable a Partner to identify the real-time KYC status of a user. While there are 3 different paths that can be taken, with each having its unique requirements and characteristics, the determination will ultimately be made in part based on the Partner's CIP programs and licenses, as well as the jurisdictions in which it operates. Your dedicated Integration Rep can help identify which category you fall into.


Full Guide Available

Visit 🔒 the KYC guide and its sub-pages for further detail on KYC/AML workflows.

KYC Type



Partner has a signed Reliance letter with DriveWealth, and its KYC/AML policies and procedures have been approved by DriveWealth Compliance

Verify KYC

DriveWealth Compliance team has approved Partners KYC/AML Policy Procedures


Partner does not have a robust KYC/AML program and is 100% relying on DriveWealth to perform CIP checks