Account Created

A new account has been created

Event TypeDescription
accounts.createdA new account has been created.
  "id": "event_19c419d4-abb7-43ab-95df-86b3185f41e8",
  "type": "accounts.created",
  "timestamp": "2019-03-28T22:43:13.929517111Z",
  "payload": {
    "accountNo": "DWPR000088",
    "accountID": "b25f0d36-b4e4-41f8-b3d9-9249e46402cd.1553812993200",
    "userID": "b25f0d36-b4e4-41f8-b3d9-9249e46402cd",

Results Explained

idstringunique event identifier
typestringthe type of event
timestampstringtime when the event was created
extendedHoursEnrolledbooleantrue / false if the account is enrolled in Extended Hours Trading
timestampOfExtendedHoursstringtime the account was enrolled in Extended Hours Trading
payloadobjectcontains the details of the event
payload.accountNostringaccount number
payload.accountIDstringunique account identifier
payload.userIDstringunique user identifier