Create Instant Deposit

idstringinternal DW deposit identifier
accountNostringDW customer account number
categorystringmoney movement category
currencystringcurrency in which the transaction was created in
amountnumbertotal amount of the deposit transaction
statusobjectobject containing the details of the status of the deposit
status.idnumberinteger representing the status of the deposit. Please see deposit statuses
status.messagestringstring value of the status
status.updatedstringtimestamp of the last status update
sourceobjectobject containing the details of the source of the transaction
source.idstringidentifier of the transaction source
source.brandstringtype of funding transaction
source.meta_infostringcomment identifier from the request body
createdstringtimestamp of when transaction was created
accountIDstringDW account uuid identifier
userIDstringDW user uuid identifier
transactionCodestringtransaction identifier. Please see transaction types explained
wlpFinTranTypeIDstringDW uuid to identify the transaction type