If a customer owns a security that pays a dividend, DriveWealth will create a new transaction in the customers account for the amount owed. Customers that hold fractional shares will also receive a pro rata dividend.

For each dividend DriveWealth provides information in regards to the type of dividend, the amount, and tax status of that dividend.

When a dividend is credited to the customer account you will receive the following transactions.created event:

  "id": "event_a1acdf71-17d2-4e38-81ce-871a86374b40",
  "type": "transactions.created",
  "timestamp": "2019-04-05T19:25:14.711707573Z",
  "payload": {
    "accountID": "b25f0d36-b4e4-41f8-b3d9-9249e46402cd.1491330741850",
     "accountNo": "DWEF000010",
     "userID": "b25f0d36-b4e4-41f8-b3d9-9249e46402cd",
      "transaction": {
         "accountAmount": 2.29,
          "accountBalance": 128195.27,
          "comment": "BPY dividend, $0.3043/share",
          "finTranID": "GF.861e931d-e7aa-47c8-b87a-b1e55acf3862",
          "wlpFinTranTypeID": "e8ff5103-ad40-4ed9-b2ee-fd96826bf935",
          "finTranTypeID": "DIV",
          "feeSec": 0,
          "feeTaf": 0,
           "feeBase": 0,
           "feeXtraShares": 0,
           "feeExchange": 0,
           "instrument": {
              "id": "476b40ee-3ff9-46af-85af-fec572d13d23",
              "symbol": "BPY",
               "name": "Brookfield Property Partners L.P."
            "dividend": {
               "type": "CASH",
               "amountPerShare": 0.3043,
               "taxCode": "NON_TAXABLE"

For customer that are non-US taxpaying individuals there will be an additional transaction created for the withholding of the dividend at the appropriate rate.