IFA Events

For DriveWealth Partners who are implementing the bulk deposit (IFA) mechanism, SQS events will get triggered based upon report resource changes.

reports.instantFundingSettlement.created is generated when a new settlement aggregation is initiated (starts at 00:00 UTC) with status PENDING. At the end of each day (00.00 UTC the next day) we stop aggregating the deposits for that particular day and then a settlement report is generated (at 00.15 UTC) and confirmed which triggers the reports.instantFundingSettlement.updated event with status APPROVED. Once a bulk transfer has been received by DriveWealth on T+2 the status is then modified to be successful triggering the reports.instantFundingSettlement.updated event with status SUCCESSFUL.

Event Name

Event Type


IFA Report Created


Report initiated. Starts Aggregating the Deposits.

IFA Report Updated


Report generated and approved at 00.15 UTC
Status APPROVED indicates report generated, waiting for settlement money to arrive at DW.

IFA Report Completed


Settlement marked as SUCCESSFUL indicating DW has received and acknowledged receipt of settlement money