List Advisor Orders

Results Explained

riaIDstringRIA user identifier
orderIDstringorder identifier
orderNostringorder number
orderStatusstringstatus of order
orderTypestringtype of order
createdWhenstringdate and time of order creation
instrumentIDstringinstrument identifier
symbolstringticker symbol
sidestringside of the order
"B" - Buy
"S" - Sell
orderQtynumberquantity of shares requested
cumQtynumberquantity of shares filled
avgPxnumberaverage price of order
allocationsarrayArray of Allocation objects
allocations.idstringallocation identifier
allocations.statusstringallocation list status
allocations.unallocatedNotionalnumbernotional value of unallocated shares
allocations.unallocatedQuantitynumberquantity of unallocated shares