List All Accounts for a User

List all accounts for a specific user

idstringaccount identifier
accountNostringaccount number
accountTypeobjectobject containing the details of the account type
accountType.namestringname of the account type
accountType.descriptionstringdescription of the account type name
accountMgmtTypeobjectobject containing the details of the account management type
accountMgmtType.namestringname of account management type corresponds to Account Management Types
accountMgmtType.descriptionstringdescription of the account management type
statusobjectobject containing the details of the accounts status
status.namestringcurrent status of the accounts status corresponds to Account Statuses
status.descriptionstringdescription of the status
tradingTypeobjectobject containing the details of the trading type
tradingType.namestringaccounts trading type, corresponds to Account Trading Types
tradingTypes.descriptionstringdescription of the trading type
leveragenumbercurrent leverage associated with the account
nicknamestringnickname associated with the account
parentIBobjectobject containing the details of the accounts referrer
parentIB.idstringuserID of the parentIB
parentIB.namestringname of the parentIB
commissionIDstringcommission identifier
userIDstringuser identifier
restrictedbooleanrestricted determines if the customer can trade with unsettled funds or not. Can be set by the partner on account creation, or set to due to GFV's or PDTs.
goodFaithViolationsnumberrunning count of the number of good faith violations "GFV's"
patternDayTradesnumberrunning count of the number of pattern day trades customer has made
freeTradeBalancenumberlegacy attribute no longer used. Kept for backwards compatibility
gfvPdtExemptbooleancannot be set by the Partner, only defined by DriveWealth
bodobjectobject containing the details of the beginning of day account values. THESE WILL NOT CHANGE THROUGHOUT THE DAY
bod.moneyMarketnumberamount of money customer has in money market
bod.equityValuenumbertotal value of all held positions
bod.cashAvailableForWithdrawalnumbertotal amount of money customer can currently withdrawal from their account
bod.cashAvailableForTradenumbertotal amount of money customer can currently trade with
bod.updatedWhenstringtimestamp of when the BOD was last updated
bod.cashBalancenumbertotal amount of money currently held by the customer
sweepIndbooleanalways set to true, this dictates customer funds are swept into money market or bank sweep
interestFreebooleandictates if interest is paid back to the customer or not
createdWhenstringtimestamp of when the account was created
openedWhenstringtimestamp of when the account was opened, different from the created when