Order Status

Retrieve the current status of an order

Results Explained

idstringorder identifier
orderNostringhuman readable order number
typestringidentifies the type of order
sidestringside of the order – BUY or SELL
statusstringstatus of the order.
FILLED - The order was successfully completed
PARTIAL_FILL - The order was partially completed
REJECTED - The order was rejected
CANCELED - The order was cancelled
NEW - Recently created pending order
PENDING_CANCEL - Indicates an order is awaiting a cancellation response from the "street"
symbolstringsymbol of the instrument being transacted on
averagePricenumberaverage price of the order
totalOrderAmountnumbertotal amount paid for order
cumulativeQuantitynumbercumulative quantity of the order
quantitynumbertotal quantity of the order
feesnumbercost of the order
createdBystringuserID of who created the order
userIDstringuserID for the account the order relates to
accountIDstringaccountID for the account the order relates to
accountNostringaccountNo for the account the order relates to
createdstringtime at which the order was created
statusMessage.errorCodestringinternal error code
statusMessage.messagestringdescription of the error code
statusMessage.reasonarrayan array containing the specific corp action type that caused the cancellation
amountCashnumberdisplays the cash amount requested
orderExpiresstringtime at which the order will expire
quoteIDstringif the order type is for Crypto and is RFQ, the body will include the quoteID