Type of Events

This is a list of all the types of events that we currently send. Additional events may be added at any time, so in developing and maintaining your code, please do not assume that the below are the only events that exist.

DriveWealth events follow a pattern: resource.event or resource.subresource.event. We believe providing a consistent system makes the integration process simpler and more straight forward.

Available Event Types

Event TypeDescriptionAvailability
accounts.createdOccurs whenever an account is created
accounts.updatedOccurs whenever an accounts information is updated
accounts.violation.createdOccurs whenever a trading violation has been created
accounts.violation.removedOccurs whenever a trading violation has been removed
accounts.commission.updatedOccurs whenever an accounts commission is updated
accounts.position.updatedOccurs whenever an accounts position has been updated, this could be caused by stock splits, dividends, or symbol change
users.createdOccurs whenever a user has been created
users.updatedOccurs whenever a users information has been updated
auth.tokens.createdOccurs whenever an authentication token has been created
orders.createdOccurs whenever an order has been created
orders.updatedOccurs whenever there is an update made to an order, such as going from NEW to FILLED
orders.completedOccurs whenever an order has been completed. I.e FILLED, REJECTED or CANCELLED
deposits.createdOccurs whenever a deposit has been created, not when funds have been deposited into a customers account
deposits.updatedOccurs whenever a deposit has been updated
redemptions.createdOccurs whenever a redemption has been created, not when funds have been withdrawn from a customers account
redemptions.updatedOccurs whenever a redemptions details have been updated
transactions.createdOccurs whenever a transaction has been created. Please see Transaction Types Explained
allocations.createdOccurs whenever an allocation has been created
allocations.updatedOccurs whenever an allocation has been updated
autopilot.run.createdOccurs whenever a new Autopilot run is initiated
autopilot.run.updatedOccurs whenever an Autopilot run is updated
statements.createdOccurs whenever a statement has been uploaded to an account
tradeconfirms.createdOccurs whenever a trade confirmation has been uploaded to an account
taxdocuments.createdOccurs whenever a tax document has been uploaded to an account
instruments.createdOccurs when a new instrument has been added
instruments.updatedOccurs when an instrument has been updated
kyc.createdOccurs when a new user has entered the KYC funnel
kyc.updatedOccurs when a new update has been made to a user's KYC status
reports.instantFundingSettlement.createdOccurs when a new settlement report has been created
reports.instantFundingSettlement.updatedOccurs when the status of a settlement report has been updated
bankAccounts.createdA new bank account has been created and provides the details.
bankAccounts.updatedThe details of the bank account have been updated.
bankAccounts.deletedA bank account has been deleted.