Order APIs

Orders allow customers to buy and sell any of the assets on DriveWealth's platform.


Full Guide Available

Visit 🔒 Creating an order and its sub-pages for comprehensive information on the Order workflow, edge cases, different Order types, and more.

There are 3 statuses that are considered immutable; CANCELLED, REJECTED, and FILLED.

When an order is submitted it will be returned with a status of NEW. From here the status can be updated to any of the following; PARTIAL_FILL, CANCELLED, REJECTED, FILLED.


On fractional orders that are < 1 share you should not expect to receive a PARTIAL_FILL status. For orders that are fractional but > 1 shares (eg. 5.12580012) you will receive a PARTIAL_FILL status for the whole share execution, and upon fractional share execution the status will be updated to FILLED.

For PARTIAL_FILL orders that wind up being CANCELLED its possible to determine the executed amount prior to the order cancellation using the cumulativeQuantity in the response. cumulativeQuantity is the total amount that has been filled, where the quantity of an order is the amount that was requested.


Fractional Share Information

For further information on DriveWealth's Fractional shares please see the following