## Prerequisites:

Before using this, you will need a User created with an opened Account. DriveWealth will also need to activate your partner environment for access to trade options.

Learn more about creating these resources in [Opening accounts](πŸ”—ο»Ώ).

## Provide additional suitability information

Options require additional suitability checks and approval. Using the [`PATCH /users/:userID`](πŸ”—ο»Ώ) endpoint, the User will be required to provide the following information and options trading levels and strategies are assigned based on an Options Approval Matrix:


## Enable on an Account

Now that a User has accepted the agreement, one or more of their Accounts must be individually enabled for options trading. To enable the feature use the [`PATCH /accounts/:accountID`](πŸ”—ο»Ώ) endpoint.