Cash interest

DriveWealth offers two cash sweep options for customers who hold funds in their brokerage account. Both options carry their own regulatory frameworks and mechanisms used to generate interest. These options include:

  • FDIC Bank Sweep — interest generated by sweeping cash into insured bank accounts
  • Money Market Sweep — interest generated by investing cash into money market funds

The choice of program is controlled by DriveWealth across all Accounts for a partner. Regardless of the interest program chosen, interest is posted automatically to a customer account. This is visible in a Transaction posted monthly:

    "accountAmount": 0.2,
    "accountBalance": 61.89,
    "accountType": "LIVE",
    "comment": "DARXX dividend",
    "dividend": {
        "type": "CASH",
        "amountPerShare": 0
    "finTranID": "KA.b810beb9-caab...",
    "finTranTypeID": "DIV",
    "tranAmount": 0.2,
    "tranWhen": "2023-01-09T05:23:57.608Z",
    "wlpFinTranTypeID": "cd16e0ca-7af1..."