Official documents

US regulators require all investors to receive certain documents pertaining to their Accounts. The documents must be made available to clients through your application. DriveWealth allows registered counter-parties to brand these documents with their logo and contact details.


UAT statement generation

The sandbox does not automatically support the generation of statements. If you try to retrieve a statement in the UAT environment you will not get a response. Please contact DriveWealth to enable sandbox dummy statements for testing purposes.

Trade confirmations

A Trade Confirmation is a required notification of a securities transaction. These are made available T+1. The customer must have access to this document prior to the completion of the settlement cycle (T+2).


Month-end account statements

The month-end account statement details a user's activity during a month and is uploaded to the user's accounts on the first weekend of every month; no later than the 10th of the month. Account Statements are typically available the first weekend, monthly.

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Tax documents

Read more about tax documents that are generated in the Tax handling section.

Retrieving documents

Fetching a list of documents available can be done via 3 APIs:

You can set the date range in the query params of the GET request to retrieve the statements for a given period of time. See the examples below:

GET /back-office/accounts/{accountID}/statements?from=2023-01-01&to=2023-02-01
GET /back-office/accounts/{accountID}/confirms?from=2023-01-01&to=2023-02-01

In the above examples, the statements for January and February of 2023 will be returned. The response will contain a displayName and fileKey.

    "displayName": "Jun 02, 2017 Trade Confirm",
    "fileKey": "2017060201"
    "displayName": "Jun 26, 2017 Trade Confirm",
    "fileKey": "2017062601"

Use the fileKey and accountID to fetch the individual statement URL from the Statements Endpoint. The url field links the PDF version of the account statement; this is a temporary URL and will expire after 5 minutes.

GET /back-office/statements/{accountID}/{fileKey}

  "accountID": "5a013513-8af1...",
  "url": ""

The above methodology works exactly the same for month-end statements, trade confirmations and tax forms.

Document notifications

DriveWealth does not send out direct notifications to customers when these official documents are made available.

You can take advantage of the Statement Events API in order to receive a notification on your SQS queue when a new document has been made available. That Event can then be consumed and published back out through your platform in any way seen fit.


Statement links

Generally when sending a notification to a customer that their document has been made available (like over email), the physical document is not included in that notification to protect customer PII. Instead, a link to the reports section within the platform is given for customers to access.

Hosted reports

DriveWealth additionally offers a Customer Reporting Portal that can be accessed directly through a DriveWealth hosted webpage. If a user were to close their account with you halfway through the year they could still retrieve their documents in the Customer Reporting Portal.

Customers can also update their tax form information through the portal.