Shareholder communications

Customers holding equities and mutual funds are eligible to receive certain notices on an ongoing basis. These notices are delivered by DriveWealth directly to email addresses on file.

Below are the types of votable proxies and corporate actions:


  • Consent Solicitations
  • Info statements
  • Firm Meetings
  • Fund Meetings
  • Annual Report
  • Semi-annual Report
  • Contested

Corporate actions:

  • Repurchase Offer
  • Dividend Reinvestment
  • Dividend Option
  • Consideration Election
  • Tender Offer
  • Exchange Offer
  • Odd Lot Sale/Purchase
  • Rights Issue
  • Priority Issue

DriveWealth enables all investors to vote their shares in proxy voting opportunities—even fractional shareholders. Once the voting window has elapsed, all votes for all customers are aggregated and reported to voting tabulators. For any customers who do not vote their shares, DriveWealth submits a broker abstention vote.