Showing historical transactions

All activity that occurs in an Account—whether deposits, withdrawals, trades, corporate actions, or others—are journaled via Transaction objects. These can be listed for any date range to show the historical activity in an Account.

For example, a purchase of an equity would result in the following Transaction:

      "orderId": "IC.4c108af2-3c65-4215-84f6-b9b338528096",
      "orderNo": "ICPB023294",
      "symbol": "AAPL",
      "cumQty": 1,
      "orderStatus": "2",
      "orderType": "1",
      "orderQty": 1,
      "limitPrice": 0,
      "stopPrice": 0,
      "executedPrice": 122.47,
      "side": "B",
      "createdWhen": "2021-03-22T15:23:21.100Z",
      "updatedWhen": "2021-03-22T15:23:21.102Z",
      "updatedReason": "market_order-buy-filled",
      "commission": 0,
      "commissionDesc": "Standard Commission",
      "isoTimeRestingOrderExpires": "2021-03-22T20:00:00.000Z",
      "executedWhen": "2021-03-22T15:23:21.102Z",
      "realizedPL": null,
      "orderCashAmt": 0

View the List Transactions by Account API to learn more about each field returned.

Generally, each Transaction manipulates cash, a single asset position, or both. Some actions, which result in multiple positions being adjusted, can result in multiple Transactions being created. You can see examples of these in Creating an order and in the API Reference for Corporate action Events.

List of Transaction types

Each Transaction has a finTranTypeID which informs the overall type of journal that took place.

Transaction typeDescription
CSRA deposit
CSDA withdrawal
FEEA fee was deducted from the account. Fee types can include AUM and withdrawal fees
JNLCA cash journal was made from one account to another
CADJ"A credit adjustment was made
INTAn interest adjustment
SPURA security (stock/ETF/ADR) was bought
SSALA security (stock/ETF/ADR) was sold
MERGER_ACQUISITIONA merger or acquisition has taken place
DIVA dividend payment
DIVTAXA tax withholding on a dividend
DIVNRAA tax withholding on a dividend for a non-resident alien
STCKA stock price adjustment
COMMA commission
SPINOFFStock spinoff
STOCK_SPLITStock split/reverse stock split
ACATS_CASHACATS cash delivery or receive
ACATS_STOCKACATS stock delivery or receive
CCPURCrypto Currency Purchase
CCSALCrypto Currency Sale
SLIPAn interest payment for security lending rebates
DIVMA dividend that is received when shares are on loan as part of the fully paid security lending program