Backend to backend authentication

Learn more about backend authentication and much more.

Got, API keys?

No, no worries. Get API keys here.

DriveWealth has build an API platform that our current and potential partners integrate with and build their own user experiences based on their customer base. This gives our partners the ability to build flexible user experiences and user interfaces while DriveWealth handles the brokerage part.



The DriveWealth platform is built and designed to communicate with our partners' backends and our partners' backends communicate with end customer devices.

What is dw-client-app-key ?

This is a unique identifier commonly referenced as a string value that we distribute to our partners to grant access to our APIs. For every request, pass the dw-client-app-key: ${my-client-app-key} in the headers.

What is a session key?

After authenticating with clientID and clientSecret and are handed back a bearer token. This token will be used in subsequent requests to the platform. This token is designed to identify the caller and their permissions to different APIs.

For every request after authenticating, pass the Authorization: Bearer ${my-token} in the headers.

What is the dw-request-id?

Every time a request is made to the platform, we will return a unique request id in the headers on the response. It is important to store/log this identifier into a log file for trouble shooting issues in our sandbox or production environments.