User creation

Learn more about creating users on the platform.

Have user info, great!

Having already stored details about a user and passing that information along to DriveWealth is a very common pattern. Here are two important points remember as you are collecting/passing user information to DriveWealth:

  • A user address, must be a physical mailing address and cannot be a postoffice box (P.O. Box).
  • While creating a user, in the DISCLOSURES object there is a field called findersFee, please set this to false.

Each time a user is onboarded to the platform, this is a must.

Each question must be displayed in the user experience and if the answer is TRUTHY / YES the subsequent statement must be displayed.

Question #1
Is the account maintained for a current or former Politically Exposed Person or Public Official (includes U.S. and Foreign)? A politically exposed person is someone who has been entrusted with a prominent public function, or who is closely related to such a person.
Statement #1Example Payload
Please provide the names of that official and official's immediate family members (including former spouses)."politicallyExposedNames": "George Washington, Narendra Modi"

Question #2
Are you or anyone who has a beneficial interest in this account affiliated with or employed by a registered securities broker-dealer, stock exchange, exchange member firm, FINRA, or a municipal securities dealer?
Statement #2Example Payload
You are obligated to notify the employer member in writing of your intention to open an account."broker": true

Question #3
Is the account holder(s) a control person of a publicly traded company? A Director, Officer or 10% stock owner?
Statement #3Example Payload
List all the companies and the associated ticker symbol."directorOf": "Block (SQ), Twitter (TWTR)"

Common User FAQs

  • Firstname and Lastname should always match the full legal name as appears on their official government ID.
  • Firstname can accept a long string, and multiple names should be passed to firstname and a single property to the Lastname.
    • Full Legal Name Example: Sita Maha Lakssmi Ramadugula
    • Payload: "firstname" : "Sita Maha Lakshmi", "lastname" : "Ramadugula"
  • Utilizing address validators like USPS or Google will help with address issues.
  • Do not forget to store the ID that is passed back from the DriveWealth platform.
  • To learn more about KYC flow, see here.
    • To simulate a specific KYC errors, pass the Error Name in the lastname of the user.
    • Payload: lastname: AGE_VALIDATION