Funding workflows

Learn about some common funding workflows.

Fund now, deposit later?

The platform offers the following funding (depositing, withdrawing) methods to allow customers and or partners to seamlessly move funds to or away from DriveWealth.

  • Individual funding is depositing or withdrawing of funds to/from a single brokerage account.
  • Bulk funding is depositing or withdrawing of funds to/from many brokerage accounts owned by different users on the platform. Bulking is the aggregation of all deposits, withdrawals to be settled to or away from DriveWealth. To learn more about bulking, see here.
  • Cashless accounts is a way for partners to seamlessly move cash between customer brokerage Accounts and their originating banking sources without requiring customers the step of depositing and withdrawing money. To learn more about cashless accounts, see here.

Instant buying power

Each of these implementations, do have the ability to offer instant buying power. Instant buying power is the ability to buy securities on funds that are in flight to the brokerage account.

Funds flow diagrams

It can be quite hard to visualize funding flows, please review and download here.

Common FAQs