Everything enum related.

DriveWealth uses enums in different places to represent specific meanings. Below is a list of available enums.


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User Status

PENDINGA user is pending approval.
APPROVEDA user has been approved.
REVOKEDA user has been rejected.
CLOSEDA user has been closed.


Account Management Types

SELFA user directs without any advice trades their own account.
ADVISORYA user's account is accessible to an Investment Advisor or Investment Advisor Representative, but trades are place only by the user's authorization.
RIA_MANAGEDAn Investment Advisor has discretion to exercise trades in the user's account.
CUSTODIALAn account for the benefit of a minor.
CUSTODIAL_MANAGEDAn account for the benefit of a minor that is managed by an Investment Advisor.
RESERVEDA cash management account, only for deposit and not for purchasing securities.

Account Status

PENDING1The account is in a pending state, most likely due to KYC.
OPEN2The account is open and trades allowed to be placed into the account.
OPEN_NO_NEW_TRADES3The account is open and no new trades can be placed.
FROZEN4The account is frozen and no new trades can be placed.
CLOSED9The account is closed.


Deposit Status

STARTED0A new deposit request was received.
PENDING1The deposit details was accepted.
SUCCESSFUL2The deposit was successful.
FAILED3The deposit was not successful, thus failed.
OTHER4The deposit is in a suspended state.
RETURNED5The deposit was returned to the originating bank.
APPROVED14The deposit was approved.
REJECTED15The deposit was rejected.
ON_HOLD16The deposit details was accepted, but is not ready to be processed.
--1An error occurred during the deposit.


Withdrawals Status

STARTED0A new withdrawal was received.
PENDING1The withdrawal details was accepted.
SUCCESSFUL2The withdrawal was successful.
FAILED3The withdrawal was not successful, thus failed.
OTHER4The withdrawal is in a suspended state.
RIA_PENDING11The withdrawal is being handled by the RIA (AutoPilot) and the withdrawal details was accepted.
RIA_APPROVED12The withdrawal is approved when cash has settled against the managed account via AutoPilot.
RIA_REJECTED13The withdrawal is rejected when there is not enough has in the account after the selling of securities to cover the withdrawal request.
APPROVED14The withdrawal was approved.
REJECTED15The withdrawal was rejected.
ON_HOLD16The withdrawal details was accepted, but is not ready to be processed.
--1An error occurred during the withdrawal.


Order Status

NEW0A newly created order received by the system.
PARTIAL_FILL1An order was partially filled.
FILL2An order was fully filled.
CANCELED4An order was canceled.
PENDING_CANCEL6An order was submitted to be canceled.
REJECTED8An order was rejected.

Order Type

MARKET1A market order.
LIMIT2A limit order.
STOP3A stop order.
MARKET_IF_TOUCHED6A market if touched order.
UNKNOWNmAn unknown order.