Ticker Symbol Change Events

From time to time, a security will change its ticker symbol. This could be a result of a merger, acquisition, a name change, or other reasons. This will create a positions.updated event including the previous symbol and the new symbol (current).

  "id": "event_c4b2c210-ce32-41d4-a9a1-cfad4fdf191c",
  "type": "positions.updated",
  "timestamp": "2019-03-29T07:02:33.200962333Z",
  "payload": {
    "accountID": "272472de-6522-41be-85a6-31af662251dc.1520386265152",
    "accountNo": "DWFE000039",
    "userID": "272472de-6522-41be-85a6-31af662251dc",
    "updateReason": "SYMBOL_CHANGE",
    "previous": {
      "symbol": "SCTY"
    "current": {
      "symbol": "TSLA"

In this example ticker symbol SCTY was changed to TSLA.