Step 3 - Account Creation

Phase 1 - Customer Onboarding

API Reference


SQS Reference

Task O8 - Create an Account via API in the DW System

The account is the resource that will include all financial related information for the customer, and can influence how the investing offering can differ

  • Within the UAT environment use ignoreMarketHoursForTest this attribute will allows you to execute trades 24/7 in UAT If you want to test overnight order handling, or order cancellations set to false

Account Types

  • Individual Account - This is the primary Brokerage Account for Individuals; it allows one person to be listed as the account owner

  • Custodial - A person establishes an account on behalf of another individual, a minor child (18 or younger)

  • Joint Account - In Progress

  • Traditional IRA (Retirement: US Tax Payers Only) - Contributions to traditional IRA are tax deductible on the federal and state level in the year of the contribution and taxable in the year of withdrawal (at the individual’s effective tax rate in the year of each withdrawal). The limit changes every year.

  • Roth IRA (Retirement: US Tax Payers Only) - Annual contributions are not tax deductible, though withdrawals are not subject to Income tax. Since Roth IRA tax contributions are not tax deductible, the customer does not lose tax deductibility by also participating in another plan that has tax deductibility

  • Health Savings Account (HSA) Established as "Individual Accounts" in the DW system (US Tax Payers Only) - The tax-advantaged HSA can be a critical tool in helping clients combat ever-increasing health care and retirement costs. Depending on which state they live in, this type of account has triple tax benefits: pre-tax contributions, tax free interest and investment earnings, and tax free payments for qualified medical expenses

  • Trustee - For U.S. established Trusts, the Trust is established on behalf of the beneficiaries, or the Trustee. The authorized Trustees on the account control the investments within the trust and make decisions relating to the movements of money


  • DW highly recommends requiring customers designate a beneficiary for every account. In the event of a client’s death this makes asset transfer less resource-intensive and less stressful for the customer’s heirs
    • Both Primary and Contingent Beneficiaries may be designated on accounts
    • Primary Beneficiaries are individuals or entities who are first in line to receive ownership of the assets in an investment account upon the account or trust holder’s death
    • Contingent Beneficiaries are individuals who receive ownership of the assets in an investment account upon the account or trust holder’s death if the primary beneficiary is not able to receive the assets

Task O9 - Store id and accountNo

  • Store: id - this will be the accountID
  • Store: accountNo
    • The two attributes are used for all other corresponding API requests that deal with financial transactions, and reporting for this account
    • Upon a 200 response you will receive an SQS event message