Embedded disclosures

The disclosures URL allows you to embed and link to the necessary disclosures and disclaimers for end-users to open an account with DriveWealth. The disclaimers and disclosures are updated periodically automatically, avoiding the need to update your front-end when the language of various terms changes.


Query parameters

Below are query string variables required to show the correct disclosures and links.

VariableAcceptable ValuesDescription
citizenshipUser's country of citizenship.
Follows the ISO 3166-1 Format
countryUser's residing country.
Follows the ISO 3166-1 Format
accountType"Individual"User's Account type
sweepType"bank"Bank Sweep Type. For FDIC Bank Sweep disclosure you must use bank
lang"en_US" - English
"zh_CN" - Chinese
"es_ES" - Spanish
"pt_BR" - Portuguese
tradingType"c" - cash
"m" - margin
"lmpa" - limited purpose margin
Account trading type
showOnlyTaxDoctrue / falseIf true, shows only the W-8BEN / W-9 agreement. If false, shows everything but the W-8BEN / W-9 agreements.
riaFor RIAs only. If you are operating as an Investment Advisor, this value should be your company's legal name